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Amy G   January 11, 2014

San Francisco Giants’ Emmy-winning reporter Amy “Amy G” Gutierrez and her first children’s book –- “Smarty Marty’s Got Game” -- were a big hit when she held a Book Talk and Signing on Jan. 11 to benefit the Daly City Public Library Associates.

Paula Stillman, president, Daly City Public Library Associates board of directors, welcomed nearly 40 adults and 10 children to the fun event held at Lake Merced Golf Club in Daly City.


“Smarty Marty’s Got Game,” written by Gutierrez during the Giants off-season in 2012, is already appearing on Copperfield’s Books’ list of 10 top selling children’s books. Copperfield’s Books is located in Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties.

Gutierrez read, and showed the pictures in her book illustrated by Adam McCauley, much to the delight of the audience, especially the children.


‘Smarty Marty’s Got Game” is an inspiring story about an older sister, Marty, who tries to teach the game of baseball to her younger brother Mikey who is not interested. Marty was nicknamed “Smarty Marty” by her friends at school because she loved and knew more about the game than most adult fans. When Marty and Mikey attended a real baseball game together, she gradually teaches Mikey about the game and before long, Mikey grows to love the game and is cheering along with his sister.

“My childhood revolved around sports because of my family’s involvement,” said Gutierrez. “We attended many games for my brother. My grandmother was a big Dodger fan and listened to ever game. “Marty” in my book is named after my grandmother who encouraged me to write this book.”


Following a question and answer session, Gutierrez announced that all four Daly City libraries would be donated one of her books.


Gutierrez and her husband, Paul Gutierrez, who covers the Oakland Raiders for ESPN.com, reside in Amy’s hometown of Petaluma and are the parents of a son, 9, and daughter, 5. “My husband and I encourage reading at home,” said Amy. “Reading is a big part of our lives.”


“Smarty Marty’s Got Game” may be purchased at http://www.amazon.com/ or http://www.barnesandnoble.com/.


The sponsors of the Book Talk and Signing were: First National Bank of Northern California and Planet Fitness, Grand Slam level; Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Triple; Duggans Serra Mortuary and Donna Lowe, Double; Carol Conway, San Mateo County Supervisors Adrienne J. Tissier and Carole Groom, and Bryan Kingston, Single.


To learn more about the Daly City Public Library Associates, go to: http://www.dcpla.org/.


Written by : Carolyn Livengood

January 31, 2014

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