Daly City Public Library Associates

Planned Giving - Gifts by Will or Revocable "Living" Trust


The most common form of deferred gift is a bequest contained in a person's will or revocable (living) trust. The following language is an example of how a bequest to benefit Daly City Public Library Associates may be worded:


    I give, devise and bequeath to Daly City Public Library Associates, a qualified 501(c)(3)charitable organization located in Daly City, California, a specific bequest of $__________, (or other personal or real property appropriately described) or _______ percent of my residual estate to be used exclusively and in accordance with the charitable purposes for which Daly City Public Library Associates has been established.


    (see “Notes to the above” for execution and date guidance)


Notes to the above


a. If you are amending or re-writing your existing will (or trust) through an attorney, please provide this document to him or her for inclusion in your will or trust.


b. You may amend an existing Will with a handwritten (Important, the writing must be in your own handwriting) amendment similar to the above that you also sign and date. (often called a codicil)


c. Please let us know if you have included Daly City Public Library Associates in your estate plans by sending a brief note or email to the address below; this will remain confidential. You can also contact us with any questions you may have.


d. You may always change your estate plans once again at a later date if you believe it to be necessary or in your family’s interest.


e. “Residual estate” simply means that part of your estate, if any, left after every other gift you have made in your will is completed.


f. Donations to a charity, such as Daly City Public Library Associates, are deductible for estate tax purposes.


g. Also, there are other ways to make testamentary gifts: Restricted Gifts; donations through your Retirement Plan----and gifts of real property or other “non-money” personal property gifts.


Please consider this option, discuss it with your legal or financial advisor: testamentary donations though a will or trust, or memorial gifts “in lieu” of flowers, create a genuine legacy, and are sincerely appreciated.


Daly City Public Library Associates


P.O. Box 3283


Daly City, CA 94015-3283


Questions may be directed to info@dcpla.org


Thank you.