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Sarah Stark touches the Daly City community


Ms. Stark, author of “Out There” appeared at the Doelger Community center on Sunday November 2nd along with members of Reuben “Chip” Santos family.


Stark’s book was inspired by this Iraq veteran who studied with her in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Ms. Stark told the audience of over 40 that Chip was a “bright light” in her class for whom writing was a gift.  He loved the written word as does the main character in her book, Jefferson Longsoldier.  Chip and Stark’s main character share a Native American background, along with the darkness that can eat at the soul of veterans after serving.


Paula Santos, Chip’s mother, spoke movingly about her son, his importance to their family and their efforts to keep his memory alive after his battle with PTSD and suicide.  She read one of his poems, “Empty Boots”.


Ms. Stark read an excerpt from her book which depicted the journey of Jefferson Longsoldier on his way to Mexico City.  She stressed that this book was a story of hope, recognizing the darkness but also writing about the journey to hope.  Her book is now available to check out  at the Daly City libraries.


The event was co-sponsored by the Jefferson Council of PTA’s, NATURE and DCPLA.