Daly City Public Library Associates




St. Patrick's Day Luncheon



Members of the Daly City Public Library Associates board of directors held a complimentary St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon on March 12 at the Colma Community Center as their gift to the DCPLA founders and their guests to help raise funds for the association.


Bagpiper Joe Sheridan, of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department – and appetizers -- kicked off the program.


DCPLA President Paula Stillman then welcomed 130 people to the luncheon that featured mouth-watering corn beef and cabbage so adeptly prepared by chefs Tim O’Hara and Dennis Fisicaro.


Daly City Mayor Raymond Buenaventura, former library commissioner, talked about “Our Library, Our Community” , "When I think of a library, it brings a smile to my face,” said Buenaventura. “It’s more than just a hub for people to get together. It’s like a sanctuary for people. We need to get back to talking to each other and asking questions, which you see at the library. It’s a great equalizer, no one judges you, and you don’t need money."


“Libraries today are a lot different than the libraries I grew up with,” said Joseph Curran, acting library and recreation services director. “Now we have Spanish and Chinese language collections, books for downloading on devices, and about 100 public computer terminals. The City of Daly City is spending $100,000 for computer replacements as many are old.”


“Every dollar that comes in to the DCPLA has no overhead; 100 percent goes to the libraries,” added Al Teglia, DCPLA immediate past president.


Thank you to Carolyn Livengood, weekly columnist at www.mercurynews.com/carolyn-livengood